I am Hanna,
a Product Designer
based in Amsterdam.
Transdev - Bidding Process Optimisation for a Public Transport Provider
Working closely with Transdev, we set out to transform their bidding process. The result? Faster, more accurate bids with a collaboration-friendly tool, allowing the team to bid confidently, quickly and efficiently.
National Express - Streamlining Operational Efficiency of UK Coach Operator
As labor costs stand as the biggest expenses for coach operators, getting a grip on these expenditures is crucial. How can we ensure operational staff regains control over the drivers' hours?
KUNST MUSEUM - Accessible and Enjoyable Art History for Everyone
The Kunst Museum app is a platform that enriches the museum experience and extends it far beyond its physical walls, bringing Dutch art history to a global audience. It offers comprehensive learning, personalisation, and accessibility, allowing users to explore Dutch art in-depth, anytime and anywhere.
Moon - Voor Kinderen en Wonen
Moon is a cozy boutique created for mothers and their little ones, offering a special collection of toys, clothes, and home decor. As the lead designer for Moon's webshop, the aim was to bring the magic of Moon to life online. Every click and swipe on the website is intended to feel like a warm hug, just like being in the physical store. From the colourful toys to the soft clothes and homey decor, the website is designed to be a digital extension of the love and care found at Moon.